2013 Wood burning season

Well it’s finally here. The 2013 wood burning season is now well underway, and it stinks as usual.

It’s been awhile since I updated the site, I have to admit that my own wood smoke situation was not so bad last year so I got a bit lazy. I’m ready to get back into it this year though as there has been some interesting developments in the wood smoke issue of late that need to be addressed including but not limited to;

  • Those dirty lying scum bags from the Australian Home Heating Association (yep, I said it) and their absurd propaganda
  • Review of Environment Protection regulations both in the ACT and Federally
  • Re-arrangement of the ACT Environment Protection website to remove information relating to complaints about wood smoke

I’ve had quite a steady stream of visitors lately and my original posts are quite out of date now, so check back soon for more information about the wood smoke issue as it relates to Canberra.


One response to “2013 Wood burning season

  1. Great stuff – about time someone said it. We need new laws and an EPA with teeth.

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